Thursday, October 28, 2010

Writing Assignment 2

Get me some numbers.

Last week I walked though one example of using basic economic tools and a little math to try to figure out how much trash the US would produce in twenty years.

I'd like for you to do something similar, but unique. For example: how much does it cost to recycle a can?

How much does it cost to house a drug dealer in jail?

How long will it take for the Gulf of Mexico to clean itself of oil?

How many trees are planted every year?

I don't want a list of answers to these questions. I want answers to your questions.
If you plan to write a paper instead of taking the final exam, use this as an opportunity to collect and share data you plan to use for that paper.

I don't want perfect calculations, just rough "back-of-the-envelope" type estimations, but interesting ones.

See what you can come up with. I will post interesting results on the blog.

If nothing else, you might have something interesting to talk about over Thanksgiving break...

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