Sunday, October 10, 2010

Lecture Videos

You can watch and re-watch these as often as you find necessary.

Stay tuned as I update with more videos.


The Firm Part I

The Firm, Part II

Hayek's Use of Knowledge In Society, Part I

Hayek's Use of Knowledge In Society, Part II
(not yet uploaded)

Antitrust, Part I

Antitrust Part II

Antitrust Part III
(not yet uploaded)


  1. Im confused...the last video isn't uploaded and I don't know which group I belong to for class discussions...does anyone know what to do?

  2. He sent out an email,

    "For last names beginning with:
    A - E, please come at 7:30.
    F - L, please come at 8:20
    N - Z, please come at 9:10."

  3. lol tony at the golf course dying of a heart attack