Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Not What We Had In Mind

When a law is passed to prevent a behavior that is found offensive or problematic it is not always effective. Sometimes such a law will merely cause people to be more sneaky about the behavior. For example, drinking is illegal for people ages 18-20. Most college students fall into this range. Do students therefore abstain from drinking? No. College and alcohol have a very close relationship. Where the rules are more strictly enforced, harder liquor is drunk, and when drinking does occur it is more likely to be in excess.
Well, many states are now passing laws prohibiting texting while driving. What do you think the consequences of such a law might be?
Here is one report:

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  1. Am I the only person having trouble loading this article?

    As we are learning, all of these issues seem to be better off without government interference. Here's another issue: calorie posting.

    Can't wait for a new Landsburg lecture "More calories make you skinny" or some title of this nature! :)